Autumn leaves and breezily fresh selections!

I’m so lucky that my city has so many pretty, open spaces that help a person to relax and find time to take a breath of fresh air, in the midst of studies, work and all the other little things that so readily fill our busy schedules! My walk in the park earlier today was a blissful mixture of vibrantly rich Autumn colours and an opportunity to look around at nature and take in the beauty of this time of year.
It seems that only a few brief moments ago I was talking here, on my blog, about the turning colour of the leaves. Now, a lot of those same leaves have fallen from the branches and are lying on the pathways along which I was strolling today; red and golden jewel-like reminders of Summer’s hot colours, a rich and vibrant carpet – all so lovely on the eye! 

We have been so lucky with the weather, which has continued to be bright, fresh and warm – delaying just a bit longer the thicker jumpers, snug coats and luxuriously comfortable velvet texture tights that I had already been yearning to pull on! Their arrival can wait…just for a moment longer! So, it has still been possible to choose clothes that are light and inviting, as uplifting as a summer dress but with an eye to the current trends too for A/W18.

I’ve just become acquainted with a lovely Swedish retailer, Bubbleroom. Their website is truly a treasure to dip into – because there is a sensational range of dresses – everything from simple classic to glittering party gowns, (Christmas is just around the corner – so a party frock, or two, is essential!). For my stroll through the park, I chose this lovely white dress from Bubbleroom, so completely perfect for this time of year, with bright and cheery yellow buttons, adding a sense of fun and freshness and providing such a cute little detail! (cute little details are so important!). So, we are agreed, I believe?! There’s space in everyone’s wardrobe - and life - for a little bit of #BubbleroomStyle right!?! 

My classic black shoes are from Butosklep, a retailer that carries the latest trends and fashions and have a passion for giving shoe lovers, (like me!), the chance to marry up any outfit to the very latest and up-to-the minute styles! What’s not to love about that!? For my legwear today, I decided again to keep things light, simple and very classic! Nude tones from Cecilia de Rafael were just right for my richly coloured, light-hearted walk through the golden leaves of Autumn!     

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  1. There is something about walking in Autumn that is so refreshing... the smell of the rain to come; the sound of the crackling leaves beneath your feet as you walk, the feel of the cool breeze maybe giving goosebumps on any bare skin. I really like the cut of that dress; you have a great eye for fashion Kamila and a powerful hand when it comes to writing. A very well written blog that makes me feel like I am there walking with you. You have a knack for capturing the moment well. I always look forward to seeing something new from you pop up.

  2. Love that stylish dress with those heels! :)

    And you have a stunning figure to show it off! :)

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