Rebelliously Autumn!

One of my favourite retailers, Diverse, is showcasing the very best of their Autumn/Winter.18 offering! Take a look at their brand new Lookbook and see how they mix things up for the coming few months; for me, they are suggesting that this is a truly exciting season, when we can start thinking about braving the cold – with the bravest combinations and most startling colours! They’re saying that it’s not a time to hide away – but a time to hit the streets, diversify and celebrate everything that’s vibrant about you and the city! The clothes they love to champion are for individuals everywhere who live creatively, optimistically and maybe even a little rebelliously! 

 Set against the punky street art of my city, I needed something that shouted pretty loud and this Converse sweater was just the thing! Beautifully baggy and comfortably cute it’s as red as a #London fire engine and I hope you all find it pretty hot!? The longer puffa jacket is going to keep me warm even on the chilliest Autumn mornings, (when I’d sooner be snuggled in my warm and comfy bed with my first cup of morning coffee!) and the hats are going to help me face up to the cold too! (but actually, the real reason that I like them is how my blond hair looks falling out from below the hems of these lovely winter warmers!). 

It’s really fun to feel part of this exciting Diverse campaign – and when I’m poking my tongue out in your direction, I’m not being rude! – just happily and joyously rebellious!

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  1. It should be illegal for you to be so cute. When I first watched your video on Youtube I hoped you’d talk a little about your outfit in your blog. I really like that oversized sweater dress; and though it looks big, it fits you well and still shows off your beauty and still makes guys turn their heads when they see you on the street. I prefer the red beanie over the black beanie. As always Kamila you’re a pleasure to follow and read about. You keep me well intrigued.

  2. Piękna dziewczyna zawsze będzie piękna, nawet jeśli włoży na siebie worek po kartoflach. Sexy filmik, a raczej jego bohaterka. Z niecierpliwością czekamy na następne.


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