1952 Vincent Black Lightning anyone?

Does anyone think that my current post has a really retro feel about it?! Maybe it’s the essence of 1950s summer movies conjured up by my sweet little polka-dot dress? 
Could it be the sweeps and curves of my distinctive sunglasses, so reminiscent of the sort of styles made famous by stars like Marilyn Monroe?!...or is it just that pared-back street bike waiting for someone to kick the starter into action and speed off in a cloud of dust and fumes?!

For brilliantly hot days there’s nothing finer than the flowing lightness of a flimsy dress, cool against your skin. My polka-dot prettiness is courtesy of www.elady.pl and I just adore the flouncy frills that tumble and dance around the open bust line. It’s a summer dress that will lend itself to every occasion, a casual business lunch, meeting friends after work, or for those adventurous souls like me who were born to be wild, (well, just a little!), then hitch that dress up over your bare,
 sun-kissed legs and head out on the highway to the beach!...afterwards, as the sun slides down to kiss the ocean, ride out to that favourite deserted diner that only he and you know about and under neon loneliness say goodbye to that motorcycle emptiness! 

Perhaps I’d advise against wearing these gorgeous shoes on a motorbike ride! They are delicate, strappy and sexy and in this delicious beige tone they are for much more sophisticated moments! I absolutely love them and they’re from mywish www.my-wish.pl

As for those summer perfect sunglasses from Tonny…well, Marilyn was rarely wrong about fashion, was she?! www.tonny.pl

Oh! Before I go, I almost forgot!...I wonder if any of my clever blog readers have recognised the three song titles related to motorbikes, which I have sneaked into my post?!

Last but not least I would like to thank my dear friend R. for helping me through all that time with his great editorial skills and ideas!

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