Strandatory Natural Dry Shampoo Review!

Through the fast lifestyle we sometimes lack the time to refresh our hair style, that's why dry shampoo comes to our aid and I recommend this Strandatory brand! Their natural dry shampoo is a natural product based on clay and starch, which is designed to absorb excess sebum, so it provides us with a clean and refreshed look.

The natural dry shampoo is supplied to you in a filled tub that has a dabbing dispenser on the top. You simply dab the applicator sponge along your root line and down your hair. It will automatical-ly release the correct amount into your hair, you then just brush through as you would normally. It should only be used on dry hair.

Handcrafted, all natural, 100% Vegan and cruelty free, this eco-friendly shampoo is an eco-friendly alternative to cough-inducing aerosol cans that fits perfectly in your handbag.

I must admit that I Am impressed with this product – really easy to use, very efficient and does not irritate the scalp. This is one of the best beauty inventions!

Made in Australia, but you don't have to go that far to buy it! You can get it here:

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