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My name is Kamila and I live in Poland, a country with a rich history, towns and cities crammed with beautiful buildings and places and a contemporary culture that is exciting, vibrant and forward thinking. In many ways, I suppose I reflect some of these qualities! I’m passionately interested in the past – but equally thrilled by how the sciences will shape our future, looking out into the universe to discover not only where we came from – but also, more importantly, where we are all heading!
I’m a very optimistic person and I’m often told that I have an engaging and natural smile and look for the positives in every situation – and I definitely love challenges! I have studied Cosmetology and will decide how best to help people by applying the specialist skin care and beauty therapies that I have encountered during my time at college.
Those of you who might already be familiar with my online presence will also know that I am a complete fashion freak! I pay great attention to trends and styles, season-to-season and some might even say that from time to time I create some of my own and influence others too! (well…I try!). Going hand-in-hand with my fashion obsession is my love of photography. I frequently plan and compose my own sets and can be found working long into the night on editing and composing, to make sure I have just the right shots, moods and settings; maybe this is the as yet undiscovered film director in me! (as a real film fanatic, I can watch and talk about movies for many, many hours!). It’s my ambition to continue to get better and better at these photographic endeavours and keep improving all the time!

Of course, I’m just as happy in front of the camera and I like to collaborate with brands that I love and I’m always open to working with new fashion labels, brands and beauty products. I’m passionate and dedicated about what I do – so if you have big plans…well, they’re possibly my plans too!

In addition to photos, I would like to create video content for you and the first of them will appear on the blog soon. I hope that you will be willing to watch them because nothing gives more motivation than the supporting public!

Anyone who will support me in my work will be inscribed on my mailing list and gets a special gift every month in the form of unpublished photos from backstage and movies.

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  1. You are very beautiful, stay as you are. It is with pleasure that I will follow your blog and I will look at your pretty pictures of you 😊😉


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