Autumn is coming!

Another week has flashed by so fast that I really can’t remember what has happened day-by-day! Sometimes the week is a blur of finding new items to review and deciding how to mix and match for the various photo-shoots that I’m involved in – then, wham! Suddenly the weekend is here again and there are things to do…places to go…people to see!
…so, this is going to be quick!’s Friday night followers – and you should all be out having heaps of fun!

I’m just a bit obsessed by short skirts at the moment – maybe it’s because I’m trying to cling on to the last warm days of September, when every girl you see is running around in a flimsy, little something, that tosses lightly and dreamily over tanned summer legs – or maybe it’s because I adore the way a short skirt emphasises my long legs!? Short skirts also give me an opportunity to indulge my love of hosiery and legwear and just recently I’ve been thrilled and excited to try out the beautiful Wolford tights that I was introduced to by a special friend.

The little skirt that you see me in here is such a lovely colour! I’ve mentioned the summer – but this lovely rich Tartan plaid also suggests the Autumn and beyond, suggesting lazy weekend walks and relaxed afternoons at a country get-away! (maybe I have Scottish ancestors?!). It’s by Pull & Bear and is as snug and comfortable as it looks!

Such a startling colour really cried out for a strong plain to provide balance, so I was super-thrilled to receive this amazing blouse from the very lovely people at bysisi who, with their tag line, “fashion our passion”, neatly sum up my own feelings about styling! The wonderfully layered sleeves are so dramatic and provide the focus for the outfit…I love it!
My softly coloured Deezee shoes set off the darker tone of my Wolford pantyhose and I’m constantly amazed at their soft, smooth texture! – I’m addicted!
Did I mention everything in this whirlwind conclusion to the week?! Hope so! Now, here’s to a great weekend!

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  1. ��⭐❤♥��LOVELY!!!!!♥❤����⭐

  2. You would be a whirlwind of joy to be around on a Friday night. I can imagine your laughter and your free flowing spirit as you twirl around enjoying what the night offers. You look absolutely ravishing in that plaid skirt. I; like you, enjoy short skirts too... especially when they showcase legs like yours. Complimented by a sexy pair of Wolford tights and that beautiful smile when I manage to catch my bearings and study all that is you. I think you caught me looking and now I’m blushing. 😊😊😝. You’re an amazing girl. You write beautifully and really know how to capture the moments around you... now if only we could find a way to stop time and enjoy this night with you forever


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