Classically undercover!

Maybe it’s the change in the weather, the shorter days and the sudden onset of slightly chillier evenings – there’s something about this time of year that makes me start thinking about wrapping up a little more warmly and about the opportunities to layer my clothes to give the flexibility and comfort that soft textures like cotton, linen and warm woollens and cashmere bring…so subtle and so very dreamy!

I decided to reflect this mood in my latest photographic outing, mixing styles, subdued natural tones and luxuriously tactile fabrics! I wanted something that was more classic, very feminine, maybe even quite formal – but also definitely having an element of fun! For every fashion-conscious girl there comes a time when a little sophistication is the thing that really counts...right!? so what opinion do you have about this outfit? Do the soft textures persuade you that this Autumnal look works!?

My loyal readers all know that I love movies and over the past months I’ve been excited to see quite a few strong female leads, sassy women taking on the world on their own terms and making their own rules! I love thrillers and action films that feature female spies, or secret agents, who have gone undercover to get their mission done! – and maybe that image stuck in my mind when I was putting this look together! Discretely sophisticated – a smartly classic look that blends into any situation – yet underneath lurks excitement and danger – in this instance emphasised by my choice of leather skirt and fishnets! What could be more thrilling!?

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  1. even wearing many layers it is impossible to hide how sexy you are. Love how you incorporated your fishnet stockings in and even gave a hint of a glimpse at your stocking tops. I’d definitely say you know how to take on the incoming cold weather well. You look incredible Kamila.


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