Friday Night is Movie Night!

I might have neglected to tell you that I’m a real cinema and movie addict! In my opinion there’s no better way to start the weekend than to see a favourite film, (you know the ones I mean!...the ones that you like to see over-and-over!) - or better still, a thrilling new release! So, on Friday evening I decided to go to the cinema to see the American action movie ‘Predator’ directed by Shane Black. As a special, scary Friday night treat I decided to watch Predator in 4dx...and...especially for fellow movie fans out there, here’s what I thought about it!I have to admit that I was a little bit sceptical about this type of ‘total immersion’ cinematic experience - but right from the very first scenes I felt that I was, (very literally!), feeling every bit right in the middle of the action, without even leaving the comfort of my chair! During the crazy scenes where spacecrafts are pursued at dazzling speeds, the cinema armchairs pitched and dipped along with the motion of the camera! It was definitely a ‘fasten your safety belts’ moment! I could hear and sense the ricochet and ping of bullets, which seemed to dance around my ears, a feeling cleverly created by small tubes shooting little blasts of concentrated air near my head! 

Thinking that no-one would be paying too much attention to my make-up in a darkened cinema, I had decided to go with a fairly relaxed look......and it really was a good job! - because the next physical manifestation of 4dx was to receive a ‘face wash’ as I was spurted with a fine mist of water! (my favourite foundation might have been left in a complete state of disarray!). 

I really recommend that everyone should try this experience at least once! If you like to feel your favourite monsters racing towards you, as well as seeing them, then this is definitely for you!

If there is a downside, it’s cost; unfortunately, tickets for this type of experience are very expensive, in fact, about twice as much as a regular screening - but, for a really different and exciting treat, it has to be worth it! Just remember that classy space aliens don’t come cheap!

I know you’re all eager to hear about my styling for my trip to the cinema!...just what does a girl wear to be attacked by alien predators?! How should one dress to save the human race?! Yes, a real dilemma - but one I solved with a casual, super-soft red chequered shirt which I combined with an equally comfortable brown leather skirt. The outfit was completed with my red stilettos, (great for jabbing rude aliens on their toes!) and some lovely black tights from my latest hosiery favourites, Wolford.

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  1. That sounds like quite the experience. I have yet to do the full experience in that kind of cinema. There is one here that offers it and I almost went to see Solo but opted for the IMAX instead. Those tickets for me are around $36USD... the IMAX are $18USD. I’m probably going to watch Predator tomorrow myself.

    Thats a beautiful outfit. You have a great eye at wearing what compliments your beauty the best. I really like the backseam in those Wolford tights. Your red chequered top and that brown skirt really bring out some great tones and work incredibly well together. As always thanks for sharing. Your blog is great Kamila. One of these days I’ll throw popcorn at you 😝🍿😉


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