Monochrome Inspirations!

Everyone that stays tune to my blog and Instagram posts knows that I love colour and pattern! It’s important to sometimes try and combine things that you aren’t quite 100% certain will work – because that’s often when creativity brings nice surprises and you discover new things that suit you! – I believe that we’re always learning, every day!

At other times, experimenting with similar neutral tones and colours can be equally surprising, often resulting in a more timeless and classic look that suits so many occasions; meetings, a lunchtime appointment in the city, or a relaxing afternoon strolling around your favourite art gallery.

The city itself can be a great source of inspiration! Buildings clamour for attention in their coats of polished steel, grey-hued architectural concrete and dark, reflective glass. Today, I’ve tried to echo those interesting elements in my city outfit! I tied in some crisply shaped favourites to create strong, sexy lines, my snappy little black leather jacket providing a lovely contrast of texture to my softly warm and super-comfortable roll-neck top.

The short, black skirt is simplicity itself along with smoothly elegant black tights, which I always think make my slender legs look even longer! I hope that I’ve put together a look for you that’s both warm and charming – and as interesting as any city skyline!

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  1. My goodness Kamila. That first photo says it all. No matter what color you wear; you always stand out. Absolutely love that grey top and skirt. Your top fits you perfectly and that tight skirt really hugs you(like I wish I could do) showing off your great figure. If you were a date to the Art gallery or just joining for a walk around the city it would be impossible to remove the smile from my face having you there dressed so. Your leather jacket adds a final touch of badass-ness. Comparing yourself to city features is a new one to me but you stand taller and more proud than any building. A real sight to see that takes my breathe away with every new photo you share. Ready to take on the night, have a few drinks and rock out.


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