Romantic Castle Photoshoot

One of the most exciting things about planning my photo-shoots is to be able to choose really delightful places to visit – and this satisfies so many of my current interests! I get to see wonderful locations, pick the outfits that I’m going to showcase here on my little blog and indulge my huge passion for photography! It’s just perfect!

I’ve recently been travelling here in my own country and had a lovely opportunity to visit the charming Biedrusko Palace, a beautiful 130-year-old example of Neo-Renaissance architecture, which sits in the countryside close by the Warta River, north of the historic and vibrant city of Poznan, which is just a thirty-minute drive away.

The palace truly has an unforgettable atmosphere – but this isn’t so surprising when you think about the history and people that have passed through the doors of this magical place over the years; it was built by the 30-year old Albrecht Otto von Treskov between 1877 and 1880. He was really so young to take on such a huge task! – he must have been full of energy and ambition and I found this to be truly inspiring in terms of all the dreams that I have!...maybe not to build a palace – but who knows!

Amidst all this amazing history I had to choose my outfit! My feeling was that my selections should reflect the beautiful landscape gardens, which include an amphitheatre, a lovers’ gazebo, (sigh! romantic!), two ponds and a fountain, softly cascading in red and white roses.

My Bershka blouse seemed so appropriate for this setting, with it’s pretty red and white floral design, emphasised by a dramatically dark background colour. I love the scoop-sleeve cuff detail, which makes the shirt perfect for casual daywear or for a smarter formal occasion – like visiting a palace for a romantic dinner!?
My choice of skirt was in a soft, red leather, from Zara, which has a beautiful tie-wrap that makes it so unusual!

– again, this little touch of extra ‘drama’ seemed so nice for this grand location. If you think my legs are bare, well, I have a surprise for you! I’m wearing barely-there Wolford tights, in a really fine denier and in their stunning ‘Cosmetic’ colour! They are smooth and so very comfortable! To complete my outfit, I couldn’t resist pairing my Pull & Bear shoes, their dark colour perfectly matching the background tones of my Bershka shirt.

With so many eminent visitors throughout the 20th Century, including the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II and King Carol II of Romania, I hope I did justice to these splendid surroundings! Please, tell me what you think!
My time at Biedrusko was all too short, as my journey had to continue – but as the palace now also functions as a country retreat hotel, maybe some day I’ll return for that romantic dinner and a chilled cocktail in the gazebo! I’ll toast Albrecht Otto von Treskov for all his wonderful efforts and raise my glass to everyone that has created the amazing history of this incredible place!

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  1. Very well written blog and truly enjoyed hearing about this castle(that I honestly never knew about). It was a pleasure following you through your photos and I must say the outfit you picked was the perfect touch to compliment the atmosphere around you. I really like that blouse and the skirt too. The tie wrap is quite unique indeed; just like the girl who wears it. Hope you get that romantic dinner you deserve. It would have taken every ounce of my willpower to not spin you around in that gazebo! 😉


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