‘Hold Me Tights’ (or, For the Love of Wolfords!)

There’s a timeless and classic range of hosiery from Austria, which has quite literally swept me of my little stockinged feet over the past few weeks! I’d been aware of the Wolford brand for quite a while – but hadn’t been able to get my eager little hands on them – until a surprise birthday package arrived from a very special friend and my Wolford wait was over! Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to try out some more of Wolford’s amazing hosiery ranges and I
have to say that this, ‘trial period’, has been warm, sometimes a little wanton(!) but always
wonderfully, wickedly Wolford! Until you remove a pair of these tights from their smart black and white sleeve and cellophane wrapping, you don’t fully grasp their lovely quality or craftsmanship; why? (I hear you all ask!); well, the talented people at Wolford use only the finest materials – and with the way they look and the way they feel to the touch, it’s easy to see why they are lauded as being some of the finest leg wear in the world!

I started my Wolford journey towards the end of the Summer and thrilled to the sheer perfection of the gossamer-thin 8, 10 and 15 denier tights that I received for my birthday! Light, barely-there shades and tones felt just right for sun-kissed summer legs, as we eased into the Autumn; the Naked 8, Individual and Satin Touch ranges feel exactly as they sound! You are hardly aware of these finely
textured fabrics that gently kiss and caress your legs! They soon became my best friends – and the
colour of my best friends was Wolford ‘Cosmetic’! (a shade so sheer and soft that it makes you feel
like you are only wearing the most light, subtle and expensive foundation powder on your legs!).

Wolfords are all about feel, touch and texture and from the moment I got mine I was aware of the
satisfying, (and rather tantalising!), feeling that I got from rolling on these delicious creations, over my little toes and onwards up my legs! – and with shorter Summer skirts I was also impressed by the
lovely feel of the tights when I crossed and uncrossed my legs – that satisfying slip and slide and
gloriously sexy glide of nylon over nylon that you only get with this kind of crafted product!...you can almost hear the quality as well as feel it!

Now that Winter is just around the corner, the elegance of Wolford takes on a different character; now
I’m looking forward to trying their other ranges, maybe dipping into wearing their famous Merino wool range or luxuriating in Velvet de luxe, which will be simply perfect for a chilly weekend walk as the leaves change from green to flaming gold. You can choose a classic look with black, or be bold in Winter white, knowing that you’ll stay warm and cosy in ranges that go from 50 to 100 denier.
As everyone knows only too well, luxury doesn’t come cheap – so your addiction to these items of
pure, thrilling hosiery joy is going to be an expensive one! So, come on guys! Why not reat the special girl in your life to some of the best leg wear that she’ll ever have the pleasure of trying! – or girls, if he’s just too mean – then treat yourself to a Wolford Winter! – you know you deserve it!

LITTLE BONUS (Recently i started to do those little YouTube videos. I hope all of you will enjoy them as much as i enjoy to make them for you!)

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