Halloween 2018; ‘Feline’ Groovy…in Latex!

Halloween celebrations often tend to encourage naughty and mischievous behaviour, when the children of the night come out to play, so it was with great excitement and a frisson of expectation that I packed my overnight bag and headed off to Poznan last weekend to help frighten the unexpecting citizens of the city into submission! 
What lay in store for me there was something very different and a ‘first time’ experience for me!...one that I think I might like to repeat! With my new ‘secret’ outfit tucked safely away for the journey, I was to be the co-conspirator in a very special video along with my dear friend, the lovely Ariadna Majewska, who many of you will know from her amazing blog and fabulous posts as ‘ari_maj’ on Instagram! You might say that even as my journey began to unfold, I already felt like the lucky little pussy cat who had been given all the cream!

After what seemed like hours on the road, (my poor bottom was a little numb by this time!), I arrived in Poznan and as night began to fall it felt like a host of witches and spirits were already conspiring to create an electrically charged atmosphere around the city. Now! – a little about the amazing costume that I had selected for this very special night! I have always wanted to play the role of Cat Woman…I just love that black, tight-fitting costume, which I have seen so many times in films and comics, so slinky and mysterious and always a little naughty and seductive too – absolutely guaranteed to raise the temperatures of even the deadest undead! Add to this that little mask that Cat Woman always wears…oh gosh! – who wouldn’t want to playfully tweak those soft little ears?!
You can already guess that I had set my heart on this thrilling costume, so I called upon the services of a good friend who organised the order for me in a frantic race to get it for the Halloween celebrations! It arrived just in time and…WOW!...here was my first latex adventure! - so I really wasn’t sure what to expect – but my ‘fix-it’ connection had done good…really good! I loved it!

It was such fun getting ready for the evening and I was both nervous and excited by the time that we arrived at the famous HAH Art & Music club in Poznan, the haunt of clubbers, celebrities, journalists and all sorts of exciting creative types! It was with a thrilling apprehension that we sashayed like nonchalant wild cats into the former vodka factory, where the music was already playing and people were gathered on the dance floor, lost in the mood of the night.
The vibe was smooth and sensual and Ariadna and I immediately took to the floor, enjoying the liberating feel of our costumes, aware of the glances of interest and astonishment that our entrance had created! It was an amazing feeling and I was surprised at just how wonderfully comfortable the smooth, tight latex felt against my skin! The whole experience was so very enjoyable! – I really felt that I was able to channel Cat Woman’s feline grace and sensuality and spent the whole night purring away contentedly inside my new second skin as we danced long into the early hours!...which brings me around very neatly to the suppliers of my wonderful latex cat suit! – they are Skin Two Clothing, who are based just outside London in the UK and specialise in…yes, you guessed it!...latex wear! Take a look at their website www.skintwo.co.uk and you’ll get an idea of the amazingly risqué party wear that they sell! Such fun! 
So, for anyone who hasn’t been tempted by the thrill of latex…why wait until Halloween 2019!?...you don’t need any excuse to spoil yourself – or someone you want to get close to maybe! – with a tight-fitting treat like mine!   

As you don’t get to wear such a special outfit that often, I was thinking about hosting an online auction to raise some funds to buy something new – but to my surprise, a private benefactor has already stepped up and has ‘bought’ the catsuit – but has generously gifted it back to me! – so it’s a really wonderful outcome, as I get to keep my lovely latex!
…ok…you all know what’s coming don’t you!?...

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  3. You and Ari look amazing!! :)

    Hope you had a great party!! :)

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  4. Such a nice Halloween costume party is this. It looks fun.


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