Can You Feel It!?

It seems like an absolute age since I have been able to drop by here – but it has been a hectic time on all fronts and I’m really glad to be able to join you now once again! 

I’m a little hesitant to speak too loudly and I think that maybe I should exercise a little caution on the matter…but…can you feel it!?! Is that Spring that seems to be stirring already outside this week!? ok…let’s be sensible about this! I’m definitely not quite ready to pack away my soft, red Winter scarf and warm coat yet – but on the other hand, the days are getting a little longer, the temperature is rising by a few degrees and thoughts are already turning to the coming months. 

This can only mean one thing! It’s time to review your wardrobe and decide on what is going to be the Spring look for 2019! For my shoot today I decided to make sure that my legs stayed nice and warm, for the time being, in these high-knee, leather boots by Jezzi from Trendybuty. I love the flat sole combined with the sexy, soft leather uppers, which finish in an elegant shoelace tie. These were paired with some of my favourite Wolford tights, (I have been promised some new Wolfords, so can’t wait to see what I will be able to model here over the coming weeks!). 

I really love my lightweight ‘check shirt’ Merchea dress from Merribel. The grey check, with a Spring-inspired pink accent detail is both smart and fun! Talking about details reminds me that accessories are really important to complete a particular look and today I’m wearing glasses from Brylove; believe it or not, I have a serious side too - and my studies  mean that sometimes I have to do my very best to look a little intellectual! – these 50s inspired ‘Santiago’ frames have a great retro feel and seem to do the job perfectly, guaranteeing that when I wear them I always achieve top exam results…(I wish!!!). Last but not least, I love my square-faced Rosefield QWSG-Q03 watch from ZEGAREK.NET with its soft mesh strap, which is delicate, feminine and harking back to the style of the 1930s. 

I just realised that the last time that I did a shoot here, on this brightly coloured sofa, I was asking whether people had seen the first snow of Winter fall, before Christmas! – so hurry up Spring!...please don’t keep us waiting for too long! 

 Rosefield watches:

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  1. Welcome back Kamila... I've missed you so. An absolutely beautiful read. Like a breathe of fresh air... can that be Spring on the breeze... Yes I think so. Glad you did a blog post with that dress. I love the simple detail and the hint of pink makes it so cute on you. Happy to see you as well enjoying a nice pair of Wolfords. You look amazing. The flowers will be blooming for you soon <3


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