Short and Sharp! New Geometric Style

I love how trends come in and out, often re-appearing in a slightly different guise and sometimes blending seasonal changes, making certain styles adaptable to different occasions and settings. The end of last season saw plaids, checks and tartans in full swing and now exciting pattern seems to be carrying on in the form of creative geometric motifs, which played an important role in the Fall/Winter 2018/19 look for print trends – and seems set to carry on through Spring and on into Summer, with floaty, ethereal and lightweight versions of geometric prints still to come. 

Here, I have taken a Zara skirt, with a super-cute wrap-around detail, as the starting point for my shoot; the geometric pattern has a small, tight repeat – very much inspired by mid-century design, with the feel of a Jacquard weave, so light enough to look crisp and sharp, whilst still snuggly comfortable for this time of year! I love it! – short, sexy and an opportunity to emphasise my long legs, (it doesn’t take too much to tempt me!), in natural coloured Cecilia De Rafael ‘Eterno’ tights

Such a bold, busy black and white design dictated that I kept fairly plain and simple with my pairings, so a figure-hugging, black Bershka sweater seemed like the perfect choice, along with black shoes from Butosklep. 

So, one of my tips for 2019…look out for lots more dazzling geometrics – and enjoy making a statement with them! 

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  1. Love that look and that skirt. You look magnificent Kamila. Those legs really shine in those CdRs too. Quite the lady.


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