Dazzling Celebration!

Today, Friday, 8th March 2019, is a worldwide celebration of the dazzling brilliance of women everywhere! Each year International Women’s Day #IWD has a particular theme and this year the emphasis is on #BalanceforBetter
Changes are happening everywhere, not only for women but men too, so it would be lovely to think that we are all heading for a gender balanced world, in all walks of life, work, government, the arts and the media. We all have to keep striving for this.
Women from all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds are constantly achieving mind-blowing things, so I tried to think of a universal way that it might be possible to celebrate this for someone close or dear, who you admire and gain inspiration from.  

The gift of jewellery has always been a timeless and lasting way to express appreciation and love! What better way could there be to let someone know how you are thinking about them with a piece of sparkling jewellery, whether it’s to mark a huge achievement – or simply to say, “I love you”.

I wanted to let you know about a really lovely jeweller, ‘Spark’, who have become a firm favourite with me, one of the first places that I would look if I needed something for a special occasion – or the website that I hope an admirer might discover if they were planning a really nice surprise for me!

The lovely people at Spark have an incredible knack of combining classic materials in contemporary styles in an innovative and well-balanced way. Whether it’s a stunning matching set, or an individual piece, finishes are combined in a way that makes the jewellery both sophisticated and classically casual enough for everyday wear. What’s more, Sparks’ jewellery lives up to its name by throwing off sparks of dazzling light by frequently combining Sterling Silver with beautiful Swarovski crystals, in a myriad of delicious colours, which bring the pieces alive with light and fire! So special!

Amongst my favourites, some of which you can see here, are pieces such as the ‘Paveball’ set, with matching studs and necklace. It’s almost impossible to choose a single colour from the range – but I often like to keep it simple and classic with something like ‘Crystal’ or, if I’m thinking about the stars, the night sky and the universe, (which I often do!), then I might pick something extra-terrestrial like, ‘Aurore Boreale’!
As you can tell, I simply love my Sparks jewellery, so I will definitely be wearing one of their lovely pieces on #IWD!

Very nice song about women by polish singer Alicja Majewska. "Be Like a Woman"

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