Smart and Sassy…Confident and Cool!

Sometimes a girl needs to look smart and business-like – but don’t assume that this means that your outfit needs to be stuffy or conventional! When I planned my shoot today, boring was the last thing on my mind, I can assure you! I’m not really of the opinion that in the workplace women need to assert themselves through their clothing, dressing in a particular way, which enforces silly stereotypes of ‘bossy’ or forceful behaviour! No! I think women at work use their intelligence, knowledge and skills to constantly challenge boundaries and to break through glass ceilings. Outside the workplace, if you want me to boss you about – well, that’s entirely a different matter and you’ll just have to ask nicely! 

Today’s outfit is monotone and majors around classic black, with the emphasis on my short, smart leather skirt. I think it shows off my slender legs pretty nicely! Of course, as we all know, pairing a black skirt with black tights and your favourite black killer heels never fails to make you look taller and make a long leg look even longer! It’s a look that I just love!

It really felt like Spring was on the way today, so as you can see, I didn’t leave home without my latest sunglasses – essentials to complete this smart and sassy look! 

Happy weekend everyone!

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