LBD – Hot City Style!

Every now and then you simply find one of those days when the heat shimmers off the pavement and the warmth just radiates from the old stonework of the buildings that you have grown to love in your city. When that happens so early and unexpectedly in the season – well, that’s like winning the lottery! – a really lovely and longed for surprise! 

I took a stroll, on one of those near perfect days, finding my city strangely quiet and almost deserted; walking, taking in the beautiful old architecture and feeling lucky to be in this place, at this moment. It was a little like being on holiday! One of those late afternoons when your journey has taken you to the far point of a tiny Greek island, or when you have entered a hillside village in Tuscany, just at that part of the day when the tourists have gone and the locals have hidden away from the sunshine; you’re alone! You have time to think and feel!

I found my thoughts wandering to how much I like being in my city and asked myself what the perfect date night would be here! I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this too! – dinner at a quiet restaurant? A special cinema night – or dancing into the small hours of the morning, then waiting with your date for the first light of dawn to come creeping across the sleeping rooftops! Super romantic! 

For such a night I’d pick something extra special to wear, something that would be light and cool enough for the balmy warmth of early evening, yet stylish, sexy and sophisticated for whatever the evening brings later. So, if I was your date in this stylish, old city centre – would you be delighted to greet me in this little black dress from Yoins Collection, which I’d pair with black heels, (always sexy!) and this amazing little clutch bag from Stylowestroje.

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