Pocketful of Sunshine!

Not much makes me happier than sunshine! (well…except ice cream, clothes, shoes and films!). When we feel the sun on our skin we automatically feel better inside and out and when that happens I don’t need much encouragement to put together an outfit to explore a new look or style. It could be the thought of a coming holiday that inspires, or simply the prospect of days spent with friends. Either way, a perfect chance to try something different and maybe turn a few heads and enjoy one or two glances of admiration! 

The pared-down combination is sunshine simplicity itself! A black top from Dresslily sits stylishly beneath my casual Reserved leather jacket, with zippers and wide lapels adding the required details! With the sun shining brightly, every girl needs new season designer sunglasses – and I just love these from Elwariato with their unusual ‘part lens’ detailing – so unusual…so very stylish!

As anyone who follows my blog and Instagram feed knows already, I’m a complete sucker for short, short skirts but for this assignment it’s just shorts – plain and simple! I think you’ll agree they are snug, sexy and very figure-hugging, which suits the simple lines of my outfit perfectly and playfully! To maintain the classic black theme, my Calzedonia tights complement my fashion palette for this outfit

It would have been easy to slip on a pair of heels and max out on leg length but I just love the Loft37 flats that I have been craving forever! This ‘Scandinavian Chic’ style is one that Loft37 return to and refresh constantly; it’s become a real classic for them and demonstrates perfectly their take on traditional Polish shoe-making skills. They are one of the most interesting companies on the Polish fashion scene right now and command lots of respect as the two owners are a dynamic, entrepreneurial pair of super-talented ladies! One is a lawyer, with a family background in the shoe-making business, the other a designer; their ethos is that, “every woman can have her clear concept of life and every woman should be able to express herself through a pair of shoes” – such an admirable company mission statement! – one to applaud and one that demonstrates how fashion can empower women.

These shoes make me happy! They are such fun! They remind me a little of bowling shoes and, (potential opponents take note!), I’m absolutely red hot at the bowling alley! I also love the glamour and style of the ribbon-style tie, with colour choices to suit your mood…
…with this outfit…the mood is happy!

Salute the sun, salute women power and salute Style – with a capital ‘S’! 

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