Women are at the heart of the Kerastase brand

Every once in a while, it’s possible to find a beauty product, or cosmetics brand, that literally stops you in your tracks to exclaim, “wow! – this was simply made for me!” I’ve had the good fortune to recently find such a brand, Kerastase, who are a relative newcomer to the market here in Poland following their recent launch here.Because of my Cosmetology studies my interest was immediately aroused when I heard about Kerastase and their broad and sophisticated range of products! It didn’t take me very long to decide that I had to hunt them out and try them for myself! Every girl yearns to be completely satisfied with her hair – but of course, that’s just a dream that we all chase after continuously! So, with that dream in mind, I decided to trial some of the new products from the ‘Ultra Violet’ range.

Bain Ultra Violet’ is an iridescent purple shampoo, which Kerastase claim is great for lightened or highlighted hair, which neutralises the colour balance, giving an even and silky sheen, making hair look healthy and alive! Turns out that it’s not a boastful claim! The shampoo feels lovely to the touch and left my hair feeling soft and lustrous.
Next, I tried, ‘Bain Lumiere’, which is a hydrating and illuminating shampoo that gently cleanses each strand and fibre, leaving hair light and luminous. Having used both shampoos for a while now, I have to say that my hair feels great! – in fact, the best it has felt for a while! – and it seems like it’s not only down to style but also the support that Kerastase receive from the scientists of L’Oréal Advanced Research, meaning that their different products are tailored to particular problems, with precise solutions!

Kerastase state that, “Women are at the heart of the Kerastase brand” and really, I couldn’t agree more! The really nice thing is that as a luxury brand company, they create ranges that allow the user to customise their beauty regime to their specific needs at every stage, “providing personalised care so that every woman can experience her own most exceptional hair and exult her femininity.”

Every woman wants exceptional hair – but Kerastase know that the solution isn’t going to be the same for everyone. For this reason, they offer very specific treatments, such as ‘Cicaflash’, a ‘super-shot’ of care and a wonderful restorative flor blonde hair. Where towns and cities are lucky enough to have Kerastase ‘in-salon’ presence with hairdressers, very specific diagnosis can be carried out on hair type, scalp conditions and the general health of the hair, before treatments are recommended.

Kerastase have just recruited a new, ‘muse’ – one of a number of leading faces and a new member of the brand’s ‘family’, who will be featured in forthcoming campaigns and photographic shoots; the beautiful model, actress and artist, Emily Ratajkowski, has said about her role, “If you love yourself, the World will follow” – and follow they certainly have! Emily has sixteen million Instagram followers, so having been personally thrilled with the results after using Kerastase, my message is, “Please, please, please – can I be your next muse!”

There’s going to be a special opportunity for one of you to win an introductory set of Kerastase treats! Look out for my competition details on instagram!

You can get it here: https://friser.pl/
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