Cool, Light & Natural!

I really like discovering labels and brands that champion natural fibres and materials, so I was really delighted to find this lovely, light cotton Summer dress by Baglarka! It’s their Boho-style dress, this time around detailed in white.

 For the coming season, it couldn’t be more perfect and I can imagine wearing it for the beach, or going out with friends on a hot, lazy day! The comfortable dress has frills on the shoulders, as well as an open pattern motif design, making the seemingly simple dress look extremely pretty! I chose to wear it cinched in at the waist with a slender belt.
Staying on the subject of natural materials, I’m completely in love with my beautiful little circular handbag from ‘By M’! It’s part of an amazing collection of handmade wicker bags that are crafted here in Poland. It truly typifies the ‘Boho’ style and ethos of Bags by M and is one of a number of cute little shoulder bags that is not only unique and great fun – but also ethically made…and round! (had you noticed?!).

To complete my natural, Summer look, I selected these easy to wear tan heels from Kupbuty. I just love the strappy ankle detail!
Someone please direct me to my next holiday…I’m ready! 

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